The Aarhus Critical Care Datathon

Join the Aarhus Critical Care Datathon, August 30th – September 1st, where two enormous ICU databases are analyzed via a collaboration with MIT and Google


Join the Aarhus Critical Care Datathon, August 30th – September 1st, where approx. 40,000 and 200,000 ICU patients’ complete admission data from two US databases are analyzed. In a collaboration between Aarhus University, MIT and Google these data are available for analysis during this event (MIMIC-III and eICU, respectively).

The weekend consists of a Friday symposium followed by 2 days Datathon, an interdisciplinary project between clinicians, data scientists, engineers and statisticians.

As a participating clinician, you have the opportunity to define your group’s project/research questions yourself. Approx. eight people (about four with a medical background, about four with data science/technical background) will work with and answer a research question during the weekend. If the last SSAI2019 sessions make it impossible to participate in the Friday program, clinicians are still very welcome to skip the Friday Symposium and only show up for the actual Datathon, Saturday/Sunday.

This is a golden opportunity for a clinician to get a sense of what is possible with two huge intensive databases and get a hands-on introduction to data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence – through an interdisciplinary collaboration with people with the specific professional skills that the organizer guarantee the presence of.

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