SSAI’s post-specialist training program in Perioperative Medicine and Management (PoMM)

Application deadline: June 25th 2019


Perioperative Medicine and Management (PoMM)

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Application deadline: June 25th 2019


The Scandinavian Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine (SSAI) co-ordinates an Inter-Nordic post-specialist training program in Perioperative Medicine and Management.

The first course started in Stockholm, Sweden, November 2014 with 18 participants. The second program started in 2017 and the third program is open for applications with a deadline 31st March 2019. A maximum of 24 participants can be accepted and a decision on acceptation will be announced in April 2019.

The aim of the program is to provide anesthesiologists that are especially interested in perioperative medicine and management, and involved in the planning and administration of the perioperative process, with new ideas of how to run and develop their organization and the tools to implement changes.

The program will focus on certain areas within “perioperative medicine”, however knowledge in more basic and very detailed medicine will not be included as participants are already specialists and there are other programs available within SSAI that aim for advanced knowledge in specialized anesthesia. The main emphasis will be on methods of how to organize perioperative care to improve patient safety, satisfaction and quality of life, while utilizing resources in the most economical manner. The program will not cover general management issues, mostly relevant for heads of departments, as such courses are available elsewhere.

The program will create a Scandinavian network in perioperative medicine and management that will promote not only collaboration between participants but strengthen the position of perioperative care in the Scandinavian countries.